Worship Services & Sunday School Classes

Worship Services

Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County (CBCCOC) is a family church with services and programs that meet the needs of Chinese-Americans. We cater to believers of varying ages, from the children and youth to the elderly, and in Chinese and English languages. Our church has five worship services every Sunday:

To accommodate to all ages in all three languages, we also offer Sunday School classes and fellowships that meet on various days of the week.

8:30 to 9:30 am
Prayer Time via Zoom and In-person

9:30 am
English Agape Christian Worship
Mandarin Worship
Haven Youth Worship -Jr. High and High School
Cantonese & English Sunday School
Children Sunday School (Toddlers - 6th grade)
Early Childhood Care

10:45 am
Cantonese Worship with English translation
Mandarin Sunday School
English Sunday School (College to Adult)
Youth Sunday School (7th to 12th grades)
Children Worship (Preschool to 6th grades)
Early Childhood Worship & Care

Sunday School Classes

The purpose of Sunday school at CBCCOC is to instruct Christians in the inspired word of God, the Bible. Our goal is to be systematic as well as comprehensive in our teaching of the Bible so that our students will develop an overall understanding of the Bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

CBCCOC strives to achieve the goal that “every regular attendee of a worship service is either a student or a teacher in Sunday School”. Sunday School is held every Sunday. Adult classes are held in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Children and Youth classes (pre-school to 12th grade) are held in English. Special Programs include Bible Drill (4th to 9th grade) and Vacation Bible School.