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Because our church was founded with the vision of reaching Cantonese speaking people in South Orange County, the Cantonese / English speaking ministry is our largest ministry. We presently have around 240 adults that attend our “bilingual” worship service and fellowship with us during the week. Fellowships for our Cantonese/English-speaking brothers and sisters range from College and Young Adults to Seniors. We also have Cantonese / English-speaking men and women fellowship groups.

We began our Youth Worship Service (English) in June, 2005, to better minister to our Junior High and High School Students. This ministry was at first supported by a part-time Youth Worker and many lay brothers and sisters. In November, 2006, Pastor Tim Lum was invited to serve as Youth Assistant Pastor to oversee this ministry, which now includes youth worship service and Junior High and Senior High fellowships. Currently, we have approximately 60 youths.


The purpose of Sunday school at CBCCOC is to instruct Christians in the inspired word of God, the Bible. Our goal is to be systematic as well as comprehensive in our teaching of the Bible, so that our students will develop an overall understanding of the Bible from the Old Testament to the New Testaments. CBCCOC strives to achieve the goal that “every regular attendee of a worship service is either a student or a teacher in Sunday School”. Sunday School is held every Sunday. Adult classes are held in Cantonese, Mandarin, & English. Children & Youth classes (pre-school to 12th grade) are held in English. Special Programs include Bible Drill (4th to 9th grade), and Vacation Bible School.

Our Chinese Language Program, directed by Mrs. Hui-Fen Wang holds classes on Sunday afternoons. This program, in session from September through June, offers Cantonese & Mandarin classes, as well as an English-As-Second-Language class. Children must be 5 or older to enroll.


After moving into our own Irvine facility in May 2000, we came to realize that many Mandarin-speaking families live in the immediate neighborhood. In January 2001, we started a Mandarin Ministry with the support of lay brothers and sisters. Currently, we have about 90 adults in our Mandarin Ministry, which conducts worship services and sponsors fellowships in Mandarin.

CBCKidz exists to develop disciples of Christ that are connected leaders through growing in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. We offer a full discipleship program from growing in favor with God through Worship, to growing in wisdom through learning God's Word in Sunday School, and to growing in favor with man by practicing loving one another in Fellowship. All these programs are conducted at developmentally appropriate levels from preschool (3 year olds) to 6th graders. Wanting to equip the next generation, we also offer Kidlead Christian Leadership training, Bible Drill, and many seasonal special events. Come and join in the fun and fellowship! Check out our website for more information about CBCKidz. Presently we have 120 kids, 89 elementary and 31 preschool and below.

In addition to Sunday School, we also offer ad hoc discipleship training according to identified needs and brothers and sisters are encouraged to participate in many other training programs. We believe the best way for people to be connected with one another is through fellowship groups. We have groups that come in every shape, age, and style, and in all three languages. Most fellowships meet on Friday evenings, some on Saturdays.








Agape Christian Worship (ACW) was established in early 2002, led by Assistant Pastor Darryl Fong, to meet the needs for an English-speaking ministry. ACW’s goals are to be a loving community, and live God’s truth in a contemporary and culturally relevant way. Pastor Darryl also oversees our English-speaking adult fellowships that include those that are college students, single, married, and married with children. Presently,
we have about 70 adults in our English Ministry.

Magnifying God through music, the Music Ministry, directed by Mrs. Doris Shin, Minister of Music, is an integral part of our church. Our music ministry is multi-faceted, ranging from traditional to contemporary, from choir to worship teams, from instrumentalists to vocalists, and from adults to children. Since the founding of our church, our music ministry has been an outreach vehicle. Our annual Christmas Program has become a tradition and is well-known in Orange County.



We support Southern Baptist Missionary efforts through regular contributions and through participation in special fund-raising events. Our young adult / college fellowship groups regularly reach out to students at various college campuses in Irvine. In 2004, we established a Mission Fund to subsidize and to encourage and support members who participate in short-term missionary efforts. In addition, as a means to reach out to more people in this community, we offer a Chinese Language Program on Sunday afternoons. This program includes Mandarin and Cantonese classes, as well as an English As Second Language (ESL) class, and is in session from September through June.