12012 Yale Court
Irvine, California 92620
(714) 669-1700

Job OPPORTUNITY - Temporary Children Ministry Worker

Temporary Children Ministry Worker

Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County (CBCCOC)
12012 Yale Court, Irvine, CA 92620 714-669-1700

The Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County is a multi-language (Cantonese – 52%, Mandarin - 21%, and English & Youth – 27%) family oriented church located in Irvine, CA. To see how God has been working in our church, please visit www.cbccoc.org. As God is blessing us with dynamic growth, we are currently seeking a temporary worker to support the Children Ministry. If you sense God’s calling to serve Him in this capacity, please submit a resume and contact information to cmw@cbccoc.org.

Position Summary:

The position will support the Children Minister in planning and carrying out Children Ministry
programs and events. The duration of this temporary position is six months.

  1. A. Theological position is consistent with the doctrinal statement of CBCCOC and Southern Baptist’s “The Baptist Faith and Message.”
  2. B. Theological training at an accredited seminary.
  3. C. Experienced in working with children in a church environment.
  4. D. Fluent in English (oral and written).

Scope & Responsibilities:

*Co-teaching in Sunday Service and children fellowships.
*Assist in planning and coordinating special children programs.
*Collaborate with the Children Ministry Core Team.
*Attend Children Ministry Core Team meetings.
*Assist children to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Anticipated Work Schedule: (20 total hours)

1.~5.5 hours: Sunday Participation (9:00am - 2:30pm)
2. ~2 hours: Tuesday Participation - Meeting/Office (10am - 12pm)
3. ~ 5 hours: Friday Participation - Meeting/Office & Children Program (3 - 5 pm, 7 - 10 pm)
4. ~7.5 hours: Preparation and other flexible hours