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Job OPPORTUNITY - Minister of Music/Worship

Minister of Music/Worship

Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County
12012 Yale Court, Irvine, CA 92620 714-669-1700

The Minister of Music/Worship will provide pastoral leadership to develop, cultivate and enhance the philosophy of Ministry of Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County (CBCCOC) with the strategy of “Connect, Growth, Serve and Go” through a comprehensive Music and Worship Ministries.If you sense God’s calling to serve Him in this capacity, please submit a resume and contact information to the Personnel Committee at


Staff Relationship

The Minister of Music/Worship directly reports to Senior Pastor, who will supervise, evaluate and provide a report of evaluation to the Deacon Body and the Personnel Committee.  The Minister of Music/Worship works with the entire pastoral staff to align the Music and Worship ministries with all other ministries and missions of CBCCOC, and in all Church matters, to represent the interest of the worship services and music programs.


A. Shall be a Biblically-based, spirit-filled Christian, ascribing to the vision and values of CBCCOC.  Theological position is consistent with the doctrinal statement of CBCCOC and “The Baptist Faith and Message” of the Southern Baptist Convention.

B. Shall have completed training with at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, plus at least three years’ experience in music ministry.

C. A proven record of faithful service in ministry and successful development of a music ministry in leading a multicultural choir and worship teams in diverse styles of praise and worship.

D. Proven recognized knowledge in music theory and ability to teach/train others.

E. Shall have at least three years’ experience working as a music leader and choir conductor in a ministerial role or as a lay person at a church in North America.

F. Shall maintain healthy family relationships. If married, spouse and/or children are supportive of the pastor’s ministry.

G. Shall be able to work within a multi-language, multi-cultural, and multi-congregational environment. Experience with and understanding of Chinese culture is required.  Is able to provide pastoral counseling to the music team members or to direct them to other more qualified counselors.

H. Must be proficient in English and Chinese, both written and oral (Cantonese and/or Mandarin).

I. Must possess good interpersonal and communication skills.

J. Must be legally able to work and reside in the USA.

Principal Duties

Directly or by delegated oversight, equip and assist Music Ministry volunteers in developing, planning, conducting, evolving, and evaluating the following Music Ministries at CBCCOC including (but not limited to):

Worship Service:
  • Bilingual Worship: To organize the worship service order, to lead (or arrange for another person to lead) congregational singing, to appoint musicians, and to organize and develop worship teams.
    Agape Christian Worship (ACW)/Mandarin Worship Service (MWS): To appoint and oversee worship leaders.

    Choirs: Lead and direct the Regular Choir and Christmas Choir(s).
    Other Musical Presentations/Formats: Coordinate musical activities, including choirs, ensembles, worship teams, solo presentations, and pianist/organist schedules for all Worship Services as needed.
    Music Committee: Oversee the Church Music Committee
    Music Supply: Oversee maintenance of the music library, materials, supplies, musical instruments, and other equipment used in the Music Ministry.
    Music Ministry Special Events: Conduct or organize Theory/Vocal training sessions, and music seminars.
    Music Ministry Special Programs: Plan and organize the Annual “Christmas Program Celebration”, “Jubilation” program, Good Friday Service music, Baptismal Service music and etc.

Administrative Responsibilities

1. Ministry Vision/Strategy: Develop and implement Ministry vision and strategy.  Work with the Senior Pastor to set Music Ministry’s vision and goals, in alignment with CBCCOC’s vision, values, and goals.
2. Curriculum: Obtain, develop, or review all curricula used in the Music Ministry.

  1. A. Provide insight on Sunday Worship Services to ensure proper order and flow of worship services.
    1. B. Provide musical variety to reflect the diverse backgrounds of the congregation and the local community.
      3. Staffing: Recruit, train, coordinate, and oversee the leadership team and workers in the Music Ministry. Oversee the ACW and the MWS worship leaders and music coordinators.
      4. Meetings: Represent the Music Ministry and the music teams at weekly pastoral staff meetings, weekly prayer meetings, monthly Business Meetings, and the Church Council.
      5. Pastoral Care: Visit the music team and choir members and their families, especially in times of crises, evangelistic opportunities, or to follow up with new individuals interested in participating in the Music Ministry. Provides pastoral care to designated individuals and families.
      6. Budget: By participating in the Church’s budget planning process, prepare and manage the Music Ministry budget for current and upcoming fiscal year.
      7. Office Hours: The Music/Worship Minister will devote a minimum of 16 hours in the Church office.
      8. Personal Growth: Continue to grow and develop with a teachable spirit through attending conferences, seminars, classes, or through personal study.  Keeps abreast of music trends and resources in order to lead the multicultural worships in diverse styles of praise and worship.
      9. Reports: Prepare reports for the church Council meetings and Business Meetings to keep the Church fully informed concerning the Music Ministry.

Ministerial Responsibilities

1. Lead the congregations to praise God through singing.

2. Plan worship and choir music aligned with sermon themes, Church calendar, and special events.

3. Select music to provide spiritual enrichment in Sunday Worship services and help to coordinated the flow of the service

4. Serve as a leader in the worship services, giving direction to congregational singing, the choir, and other parts of worship.

5. Prepare people spiritually to worship with the proper attitude.

6. Assist individuals to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, leading to experiential knowledge of God and to help them grow spiritually.

7. Seek out candidates from the congregation and encourage them to participate and grow in the Music Ministry (e.g. Music Committee, choirs, worship teams, orchestra, and musicians).

8. Mentor those already involved in the Music Ministry to help them develop their musical and leadership talents.

9. Provide and plan for special music opportunities such as solo pieces and ensemble pieces.

10. Communicate details and weekly expectations for the choir, worship leaders, musicians, Audio-Visual team, and Ushers.

11. Communicate on a weekly basis with the Administrative Assistant as it relates to worship music in the Sunday bulletin

12. Schedule and oversee instrumentalists; coordinates weekly schedule.

13. Create, find and organize music scores for musicians on a weekly basis.

14. Manage and schedule the maintenance of music instruments and equipment.

Responsibilities to the Choir
  1. 1. Direct and train a choir made up of singers who are at various levels of musical ability and experience to sing twice or more monthly in Bilingual Worship Service.
  2. 2. Organize the Church Choir; prepare for and conduct weekly rehearsals.
  3. 3. Organize and present the annual Christmas Program Celebration.
  4. 4. Conduct the Christmas Adult Choir; prepare the Christmas Youth Choir, and the Christmas Children Choir.
  5. 5. Teach and train the choir members in developing musical knowledge and singing skill.
  6. 6. Identify and promote educational opportunities and workshops for the Church Choir and music teams.

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