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Photo Gallery

Youth Retreat        
Ressurection Sunday
Easter Egg Hunt        
Church Bible Drill        
Regional Bible Drill        
Associate Bible Drill        
H2H - Saddleback Food Bank        
Mandarin Chinese New Year        
H2H Marriage Retreat        
Vacation Bible School
Mother's Day        
Father's Day        
Mandarin Retreat        
Youth Praise Night        
OC Night Market        
Ping Pong Open House        
GLEC Fund Raising        
Send Off Ceremony        
Fall Baptism        
Harvest Festival        
Harvest Festival Photo Booth        
Christmas Jubilation Rehearsal        
Christmas Jubilation        
Mandarin Chinese New Year Choir Portraits Outreach Conference
Reaching the Lost
Mandarin Chinese New Year 2017 Blind Musician Evangelism
Deacon Ordination ACW 13th Anniversary ACW Picnic

Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection Sunday
Church Bible Drill Resurrection Sunday Baptism Resurrection Sunday
Resurrection Sunday
Fresno Bible Drill
State Bible Drill Rev. Pastor James Chiu Memorial Service Resurrection Sunday
Deacon Ordination
BIll Yue & Vincent Ho
25th Anniversary Worship & Program
Resurrection Sunday Baptism J12 Kidlead Bible Drill Vacation Bible School
Cave Quest
Mother's Day
25th Anniversary Banquet - Fullerton
Easter Egg Hunt Deacon Edward Lee &
Ambrose Lam Ordination
Pastor Tang Retirement
Father's Day

ECM Graduates Portraits
Jubilation 2014 Irvine Global Festival Family Retreat
Emmanuel Retreat Shipwrecked
Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School 2014
Weird Animals
Fall Baptism ECM Graduation Vacation Bible School
Father's Day
Kids Singing
Church Family Retreat 2014
It's a God Thing
Christmas Choir Social Pastor Tang with Ministries Pastor Ma Anniversary Mandarin MInistry
Chinese New Year
ECM PreK Graduation Senior Outing Irvine Global Village Festival
Community Outreach
Fall Baptism Mandarin Picnic
Christmas Choir Social Harvest Festival 2015 Fall Baptism Christmas Choir Social Family Retreat
Harvest Festival 2014 Pala Mission Christmas Choir Social BWS Picnic ECM Graduation
Christmas Program - Saturday Christmas Program - Saturday Harvest Festival Enoch Evangelistic Outreach Fall Baptism
Christmas Program - Sunday Christmas Program - Sunday ACW Thanksgiving Dinner Harvest Festival Deacon Ordination
Winter Baptism 2014
Christmas Portraits Pastor Joni Lum's Celebration Christmas Program
Pala Mission
Mandarin Sing Along  

Christmas Program
Saturday 12.10

Christmas Program
Harvest Festival
    Christmas Program
Sunday 12.11
Mandarin Christmas Sing Along ACW Thanksgiving
    Christmas Portraits   Mandarin Thanksgiving
    Christmas Jubilation
        MWS Candle Light
Mandarin Chinese New Year Bible Planting Ceremony Music Ministry Dedication Easter Kidz Service ACW 7th Aniversary Celebration
Church Bible Drill SRHI Valentine Formal Jubilation - Praise Night Resurrection Sunday Baptism Senior Outing
Huntington Library
Women Day Worship Easter Egg Hunt Caleb Outing - Arboretum Living Spring Outing Good Friday Service
ECM Easter Egg Hunt Resurrection Sunday Baptism Good Friday Service
Journey to the Cross
Caleb's Commemoration Dinner Children Ministry Easter Egg Hunt
OC Association Bible Drill Caleb Fellowship Outing
Crystal Cathedral
Easter Egg Hunt Jubilation Praise Night Resurrection Sunday Baptism
ACW Pala Mission Trip Jubilation - Praise Night Resurrection Sunday Baptism Vacation Bible School His Torch Outreach
Caleb Outing
Carlsbad Flower Fields
Vacation Bible School - Sky Chinese New Year Celebration July 4th Barbeque Jubilation - Praise Night
UpReach Conference Family Retreat
No Turning Back
Vacation Bible School
Living Spring Church Picnic Church Work Day
Living Spring Picnic Living Spring Retreat Family Retreat
Better then Life
Mandarin Joy Fellowship
Beach Picnic
Church Memorial Day Picnic
Church Wide Cleaning Day Living Spring Fellowship
Family Cooking
Ground Breaking Ceremony Church Family Retreat
Called & Committed
Baptism - Danny Fung
Vacation Bible School Christmas Choir Social Mexicali VBS ECM Graduation Vacation Bible School
inaugural Combined Worship Service CBCKidz Portraits ECM Graduation 8-28 Harvest Festival Church Family Retreat
Bearing Fruits
Baptism Living Spring Fellowship
NPB Interpretive Center
Phase III Construction Angel Lunch Harvest Festival
Jana Alayra Concert
Dedication Ceremony &
20th Celebration
Harvest Festival Living Spring Retreat Christmas Program
Dress Rehearsal
Angel Brunch
ECM Preschool Graduation CBCKidz Angel Lunch Harvest Festival
Jana Alayra Concert
Christmas Program
Children Rehearsal
Christmas Program
One More Silent Night
LSPF Pine Summit Retreat Christmas Program
Hallelujah! Light has Come
Christmas Choir Social Christmas Program
The Star Still Shines
Christmas Baptism
Mandarin Evangelistic Meeting Christmas Baptism ACW Thanksgiving Dinner H2H Christmas Social Senior Convalecent Visitation
Living Spring Cooking Competition   Angel Lunch Christmas Baptism  
ECM Preschool Graduation   Christmas Program Rehearsals    
Harvest Festival   Christmas Program    
Christmas Choir Social   Christmas Baptism    
Angel Worship        
Christmas Program Saturday        
Christmas Program Sunday        
Christmas Baptism        
15th Anniversary Celebration Easter Baptism 13th Anniversary Celebration Church Family Retreat Pinecrest Lake Arrowhead Christmas Program
The Spirit of Christmas
Easter Baptism Pastor Chiu Retirement Celebration Program & Banquet Resurrection Sunday Baptism Christmas Program
Wondrous Gift
Church Family Retreat
Welcome Dinner I ACW 6th Anniversary Pastor James Chiu 76th Birthday    
Jubilation - Praise Night Church 14th Anniversary Celebration Christmas Program
Christmas is Forever
Memorial Day Picnic Church Family Retreat Christmas Baptism    
Vacation Bible School Harvest Festival      
Church Family Retreat
Make My Joy Complete
Christmas Program - Noel      
Spiritual Ground Breaking Christmas Baptism      
Livingstone Fellowship
Wecome Night
Pastor Tang & Mrs. Tang
Move to Orange County
Cantonese Welcome Dinner        
Harvest Festival        
Deacon Ordination        
Christmas Program - Saturday        
Christmas Program - Sunday        
Angel Breakfast        
Christmas Baptism