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Senior Pastor


Pastor Andrew Ma graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Ph.D. degree in Multicultural Research and major in History of Modern Chinese church. He was the Head of Administration Department and lecturer of the China Evangelical Seminary North America (CESNAC) and served in various churches in Hong Kong and North America for many years.


Rev. Ma was born as the seventh child in a Chinese family with traditional religion. With God’s wonderful plan he was saved and became a Christian during high school, being the first one in his family and devoted to be sacrificed for God. He entered the Hong Kong Evangelical Seminary and had summer missions at the City of Eindhoven in Holland; deeply realizing the importance of the gospel to the oversea Chinese.  He felt that the Chinese Christians in the mission of the new century must occupy a position in God’s mind. Thus his vision of mission emerged. After graduation from the Seminary, Rev. Ma served at the Kowloon Canaan Church of Evangelize China Fellowship (ECF). In 1987 he entered Fuller for his master degree. After graduation he went to the Twin Cities, Minnesota to plant a church and return to Los Angeles in 1995 to serve in church and seminary. In 2000 he studied full-time for the Ph.D. program, mainly in research of the development of church in Mainland China after 1949, and its relationship with suffering. The gift to Rev. Ma is sermon and teaching. With duty and mission of Chinese missionary he desires to equip the messengers of God, and to work together to extend the Kingdom of Heaven.